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Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Remax (INDIA) has been achieving new hights every year. Our products has won the trust of OEM Customers in highly competitive and Quality-Conscious markets. This is because of our Quality and Competitive Prices that we are exporting our products to all developed countries.

We have skilled employees and professionals to develop more efficient methods of manufacturing. We have coordination in every department so as to operate in a systematic manner. We have latest and imported machinery such as Bolt Making Plant(National Bolt Maker), Made in USA to facilitate our manufacturing so as to manufacture products as per International Standards.

We get high production at close tolerance by Cold forming process with Carbide Tools. Better fatigue resistance is achieved by Cold Forged Head with fillet radius and Roll-formed (Cold process) threads with its smoothly blended radiused root thread run-out.

To serve Compatible Best Quality Durable Products, Remax (INDIA) has Quality Assurance Division. This division ensures excellent quality since procurement of raw material till the distribution, during which it under goes strict measures on every stage of manufacturing. It is consistently appreciated by our Well Equipped Testing and Quality Control Laboratory. The company is having all testing facilities to follow stringent quality standards for precision quality. Our quality system ensures strict adherence to specifications right from the raw material stage wherein, we check for chemical and also for physical properties. All raw materials accepted and passed are free from cracks and surface discontinuities.

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